Foundation Wall Repair

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Protect Your Home with Foundation Wall Repair Edwardsville, IL

When was the last time you inspected your home’s foundation? Unfortunately, it’s common for homeowners to ignore their concrete foundation, assuming everything is stable if no serious issues are present.

Over time, however, small cracks can begin to form, weakening your foundation and causing irreversible damage if not handled properly. If you notice vertical or horizontal cracks on your basement walls or the exterior foundation of your home, contact Lovell Basement Solutions in Edwardsville, IL. We offer various foundation repair and structure restoration services to keep your home safe. However, foundation damage can be hard to spot, so contact us immediately if you notice cracks, uneven flooring, or bowing walls.

Lovell Basement Solutions, LLC basement walls bowing, in need of emergency repair of foundation - Edwardsville, IL
foundation wall repair, filling cracks in basement wall - Edwardsville, IL

Foundation Wall Repair

One of the first signs that your foundation has settled or become unstable is bowing or cracked walls in your basement. Older homes can begin to weaken due to decades of supporting a stable structure on shifting terrain. Loose soil, heavy rains, and small cracks allow water and moisture to seep into your basement or crawlspace and cause permanent damage.

At Lovell Basement Solutions, we provide foundation wall repair to prevent flooding and mold growth to add security to your Edwardsville, IL home. Our team uses crack injection epoxy, wall anchors, and piering techniques to restore foundations and keep them safe for years to come. Contact us today if you notice any cracking or bowing walls in your basement.

Sinking & Settling Foundation Repair

You may have heard the phrase, “it’s just the foundation settling,” when creaks and groans are noticed throughout the home. While it may seem simple to brush off, a settling foundation is not something to ignore. Many homeowners can go years without noticing cracks or unevenness in their foundation until severe damage is already in motion.

At Lovell Basement Solutions, we provide foundation repairs and restoration for settling foundations in Edwardsville, IL. To stabilize your home, our team uses steel pier systems placed deep within the soil and then secured to your concrete foundation using brackets. This ensures the longevity of your property and eliminates movement for long-lasting results.

steel beam supports for crumbling, damaged foundation - Edwardsville, IL
bowing basement wall with window, repaired with steel beam supports holding the wall up and in place - Edwardsville, IL

Vertical & Horizontal Foundation Wall Cracks

Are there vertical or horizontal cracks forming on your basement walls? While it may seem like a natural shift in your aging home, these cracks indicate damage to your foundation. Vertical cracks are usually a direct result of your foundation settling, while horizontal cracks indicate excess soil pressure pushing against your home. Identifying these cracks can determine if repairs can be done or if your home is no longer safe to reside in.

Lovell Basement Solutions offers foundation piers, anchors, braces, and steel posts when your walls and flooring are covered in cracks. Schedule an inspection with our team to determine which solution is right for your home.

Foundation Piering

Foundation piering is a serious repair that requires excavation and large steel beams to secure your home. When a property’s foundation settles, the concrete shifts and moves along with eroded soil and pressure built underneath your home. One of the only ways to correct this issue is to install steel pipe pilings alongside your foundation to stop movement permanently. Lovell Basement Solutions is one of the most experienced contractors in Edwardsville, IL when it comes to foundation piering and offers high-quality products and techniques to get the job done.

If your foundation is beyond simple repairs, contact our team to get an estimate on how piering can help your settling foundation.

Lovell Basement Solutions, LLC pouring concrete to reinforce support for damaged home foundation - Edwardsville, IL
Lovell Basement Solutions, LLC damaged basement walls, concrete foundation repair in progress, anchors, support beams, filled cracks, etc. - Edwardsville, IL

Foundation Wall Anchoring & Bracing

Once your home’s foundation is showing cracks and water damage in your damage, the issues can only get worse without proper repairs. Luckily, our team specializes in wall anchoring and bracing services that offer permanent solutions to your settling or cracked foundation. Our steel anchors are guaranteed to prevent bowing walls and reduce the pressure built-up behind your foundation to create a stabilized surface. Using steel rods and clamps, our anchors will hold your home in place while fighting against uneven pressure surrounding the foundation.

Protect your home with wall anchoring and bracing services from Lovell Basement Solutions in Edwardsville, IL.