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Custom Basement Egress Window Installation Edwardsville, Illinois

Egress windows are becoming a staple for Midwest homes and provide several benefits to homeowners that make them a worthy investment. At Lovell Basement Solutions, our team specializes in custom egress window installation and replacement services for homes in Edwardsville, IL and the St. Louis side of Missouri. While it may seem like basement windows are a cosmetic upgrade, they offer extremely practical benefits that protect your home and family. Egress windows are designed to offer a safe escape route in the event of a fire or other emergency while providing natural light and dehumidifying benefits. If you’re interested in adding an egress window to your basement, contact our team for an estimate and access to our lifetime warranties.

Lovell Basement Solutions, LLC installation of new Egress window in the basement - Edwardsville, IL
New Egress, basement window with plastic lining and strategically placed rocks and mulch - Edwardsville, IL

Why You Need a Basement Escape Window

In the event of an emergency, it’s important to have a quick access point for you and medical professionals to enter and exit the home. Basement windows are more than just a renovation upgrade; if you’re wondering why an egress window would benefit your home, check out these advantages provided by our experts at Lovell Basement Solutions.

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Add an Additional Bedroom to Your Home

The International Residential Code states that any basement being used as a bedroom must have an egress window present in the event of a fire. Adding an extra bedroom to your home increases the value and usable living space.

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Increases Safety in Case of Emergencies

If there is ever a fire or emergency in your home that blocks the usage of a main level door, egress windows offer a safe route in and out of your home. Get total peace of mind with our egress window installation services.

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Increases Ventilation & Prevents Humidity

Allowing air to flow through your basement is one of the easiest ways to prevent humidity and musky spells from overtaking your lower level. Our egress windows can open fully for maximum ventilation year-round.

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Provides Natural Light to Your Lower Level

Natural light is one of the key ingredients to a cozy space. When you install an egress window in your basement, you can immediately feel the change in the room and make it a much more relaxing living space for your family.

Egress Window Installation

Upgrade your basement with egress windows from Lovell Basement Solutions in Edwardsville, IL. Our custom-built basement windows offer several benefits, from increasing the value of your home to offering an emergency entrance and exit for your family. Generally, our team can install a single egress window from excavation to clean-up in one day. In addition, we work with high-end manufacturers to offer stunning trim, covers, and other accessories for total customization that matches the style of your home. Egress windows also allow homeowners to utilize their basements as an up-to-code bedroom or living area that Illinois and Missouri require. Contact our team for a free service estimate to get started on your egress window installation.

Installation of emergency Egress basement windows - Edwardsville, IL
window well, installation of Egress window from the outside view - Edwardsville, IL

Egress Window Wells

One of the major features of having an egress window is choosing the window well that is located on the exterior. Our modern window wells allow excess natural light and a large exit or entrance point through your home in the event of an emergency. Choose from metal, plastic, or concrete window well materials for complete customization of your project, along with casement, horizontal, or casement window options.

All of our window wells are set at a minimum of 20” x 24” but can be adjusted based on the needs of the customer. Lovell Basement Solutions offers various covers and accessories for your egress window well; reach out to us today for a free estimate.

Egress Window Size Requirements

When installing an egress window, minimum requirements must be met depending on which state you live in. Generally, these sizes are roughly the same and are what our team goes off of when installing windows in your basement. Lovell Basement Solutions provides egress window installation for homes and businesses in Illinois and Missouri. These sizes are relative to the open and operational space to ensure the average person can easily fit through. Take these sizes into consideration when customizing your egress windows:

  • Minimum width of opening: 20 inches
  • Minimum height of opening: 24 inches
  • Minimum net clear opening: 5.7 sq. ft. (5 sq. ft. for ground floor)
  • Maximum sill height above floor: 44 inches
  • Window well minimum: 9 sq. ft. (36 inches wide)
finished basement bedroom, pale yellow painted walls, carpet, and stone well Egress Window - Edwardsville, IL
worker measuring for Engress window/basement window replacement - Edwardsville, IL

Basement Window Replacement

If your basement windows are no longer efficient or have become an eyesore for your home, Lovell Basement Solutions offers modern basement window replacement services for homes in Edwardsville, IL.

Our team specializes in replacing cracked, leaking, or gapping basement windows and installing brand-new, sealed windows and frames. The security of your home is our #1 priority; damaged windows can allow entrance to pests, water, and mold spores that can become harmful to not only your family but your concrete surfaces as well. Schedule an inspection with our team to determine the best solution for replacing your basement windows.