Crawlspace Waterproofing

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High-Quality Crawlspace Waterproofing Edwardsville, IL

Lovell Basement Solutions specializes in waterproofing services for homes throughout Edwardsville, IL. One of the most common places for water damage to occur is your crawlspace; these spaces are unconditioned, meaning they are not properly sealed off to be considered livable spaces. Many residential crawlspaces are unfinished and have slab foundations that are not suitable for moisture and wet weather. Unfortunately, this means crawlspaces are one of the most common areas to become flooded or accrue mold without protective techniques. Our team offers high-quality products and techniques to waterproof your crawlspaces for long-term safety and moisture prevention. Contact us today for a free estimate and our lifetime warranties.

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Lovell Basement Solutions, LLC water proofing crawlspace with pipes and tarps - Edwardsville, IL

Crawlspace Waterproofing

Using the latest techniques, we can complete indoor waterproofing of your crawlspace without digging or working on the outside. Our experts install a thick liner system to prevent water from penetrating through the ground and damaging your electric and plumbing systems. Not only do our waterproofing liners stop water penetration, but they also block 99% of radon – a cancerous gas lurking in the Earth. These two properties together create a safe and functional crawl space with no musky smell.

If your crawlspace lacks the foundational security it requires to keep your home safe, contact Lovell Basement Solutions in Edwardsville, IL. Our crawlspace waterproofing provides several benefits that are essential for long-term protection.

Crawlspace Encapsulation

Crawlspace encapsulation is a type of waterproofing treatment that includes lining your crawlspace’s flooring and walls with a thick polyethylene liner to seal any cracks or moisture spots. By encapsulating your crawlspace, you can prevent humidity, water damage, pests, and loss of energy from your HVAC units.

Our experts at Lovell Basement Solutions offer affordable crawlspace encapsulation to improve the living conditions of your home while preventing damage to your foundation that can impact your home’s safety. Not only will encapsulation protect your crawlspace year-round, but it will also boost the value of your home if you are ever planning on selling your property.

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Lovell Basement Solutions, LLC crawlspace water proofing - Edwardsville, IL
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Moldy Crawlspace Prevention

Are you having trouble keeping mold out of your crawlspace? Without professional waterproofing, your crawlspace is susceptible to moisture and water damage, causing mold and mildew to spread quickly. Lovell Basement Solutions offers top-of-the-line inspections and waterproofing products to prevent mold from building up and damaging your foundation. We’ll inspect your gutters and downspouts to ensure water is flowing away from your home and insulate your crawlspace’s flooring to prevent moisture from coming from the ground below. The presence of mold in your crawlspace can impact your health and cause permanent damage to your home.

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How to Avoid Crawlspace Flooding

Living in the Midwest, it’s not uncommon to experience heavy rains and flooding in the spring season. Unfortunately, this means that your crawlspace is susceptible to water damage if there aren’t any waterproofing systems installed. Luckily, our team at Lovell Basement Solutions is here to offer several tips that can help you avoid flooding and keep your crawlspace dry season after season. There are four effective methods we provide to homeowners: encapsulation, dehumidification, sump pumps, and interior drainage. Using high-end products and techniques, our team will cover your walls and flooring with a thick waterproofing barrier that prevents moisture and humidity. When paired with drains and a sump pump system, you can guarantee to avoid flooding the entire duration of owning your home.

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Causes of Crawlspace Moisture & Humidity

Seeing as your crawlspace is located at one of the lowest points of your home, it is not uncommon to experience moisture and humidity in the warmer months. Unfortunately, these conditions are perfect for mold and pests to accumulate, damaging your foundation and costing thousands to repair. Lovell Basement Solutions provides high-quality crawlspace waterproofing that minimizes damage and prevents moisture from building up after a leak or accident. To eliminate humidity, it’s important to discover what’s causing these issues to determine the best solution. Here are just a few of the most common causes of water or moisture in your crawlspace that our team can resolve:

  • Groundwater
  • Plumbing Leak
  • Clogged Gutters
  • Humid Weather
  • Melting Snow
  • Heavy Storm