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As a family-owned and operated company, we are proud to offer the same hard work ethic and dedication it was founded on. Since then, we have given our customers high-quality and affordable solutions for their waterproofing, foundation, and egress window projects throughout Collinsville, Illinois. Lovell Basement Solutions is the #1 choice for homeowners and commercial businesses in southern Illinois when it comes to keeping concrete surfaces and foundations safe and dry year after year. To learn more about our residential services and pricing, contact our team and receive a free estimate and information on our lifetime warranties.

Our Collinsville, IL Waterproofing Services

For several years, Lovell Basement Solutions has focused on finding the best products and techniques for basement and crawlspace waterproofing in the Midwest.

With decades of combined experience from our team, you can count on the best possible service for your waterproofing project in Collinsville, IL. Whether you’re looking to waterproof your newly finished basement or need a sump pump replacement to keep your crawlspace dry, we have the solutions to protect your concrete and foundation. With every basement waterproofing project, you can expect financing options and a lifetime warranty on our products for total peace of mind. Call our team today for professional waterproofing services in Collinsville, IL.

Collinsville Basement Waterproofing

When heavy storms and floods strike, basements are usually the first areas of your home to be affected if not properly waterproofed. At Lovell Basement Solutions, we offer quality basement waterproofing services with modern solutions and techniques that not only keep your walls and flooring safe but can help restore the strength of your foundation and concrete surfaces. Our waterproofing services are always precise and accurate regardless of the size and shape of your property. Call us today to have your commercial or residential basement waterproofed in Collinsville, IL.

Crawlspace Waterproofing Near Collinsville, IL

If your property does not have a basement, chances are you have some sort of crawlspace in or below your home or business. Crawlspaces are different from basements in that they do not function as a separate living or functioning room of your home. In fact, they are designed specifically to have access to important systems throughout your property, such as plumbing pipes and electrical boxes. If your crawlspace is not waterproofed, these systems can become damaged at the slightest storm or pipe burst. Don't let the safety of your home be compromised; call Lovell Basement Solutions for dependable crawlspace waterproofing services in Collinsville, IL.

Collinsville, IL Fast Crack & Pipe Injection

It is never a good sign when you start to see cracks in your home’s foundation, basement walls, or water lines. While it may seem like a small crack couldn’t possibly jeopardize the safety of your home, over time, these cracks can weaken the support of your foundation until your property becomes unsafe to inhabit. At Lovell Basement Solutions, we offer crack and pipe injection services for horizontal or vertical cracks in your concrete surfaces. Our experienced technicians use a low-pressure polyurethane known as grout that applies deep within the cracks, instantly repairing your fractured concrete. If you notice small to medium cracks forming in your home or business, call our professionals in Collinsville, IL.

epoxy injection to fill cracks in foundation & walls - Collinsville, IL
Lovell Basement Solutions, LLC water diversion, directing water away from home & foundation - Collinsville, IL

Water Diversion for your Collinsville Home

If you’re looking for a less invasive waterproofing service, water diversion is another popular technique that Collinsville, IL property owners find effective. This method differs from true waterproofing in that it requires a drainage system such as a French drain or drain tile. This system moves excess water into a drain or sump pump located on your property, pushing water beneath your home instead of eliminating the flow entirely. Not only is this method more affordable, but it is quick and easy to install by our certified technicians.

For water diversion services at your residential or commercial property, call Lovell Basement Solutions today.

Egress Window Installation In Collinsville, IL

Are you looking to add windows to your basement? Don’t invest in just any window; upgrade your home with egress windows from Lovell Basement Solutions. Our egress windows offer several benefits to homes in Collinsville, IL; from increasing natural light and airflow to offering an additional exit or entrance in the event of any emergency, egress windows are essential if your property has a basement. Our team works with name-brand manufacturers to offer a wide selection of trimming, grate covers, and other window accessories to better suit your home. Our egress window installation comes with a lifetime warranty and can be completed in a single visit.

New Egress, basement window with plastic lining and strategically placed rocks and mulch - Collinsville, IL
Lovell Basement Solutions, LLC installation of new Egress window in the basement - Collinsville, IL

Collinsville, IL Basement Window Replacement

If your basement already has windows that came with the home, it’s important they’re checked for seal leaks or rotted trim. Many times, homeowners complain of mold or water damage surrounding their basement windows; this indicates that small cracks or gaps are present, often due to poor installation or cheap products. At Lovell Basement Solutions, our team offers window replacement services to restore the function and safety of your basement windows. These inefficiencies can not only cause physical damage to your walls and foundation, but they can allow pests and bacteria to enter your home.

If you notice a draft coming from your basement windows or moisture on the inside frames, contact us today for a basement window replacement service at your Collinsville, IL home.

Collinsville, IL Professional Cracked Foundation Repair

It is no surprise that over time, your home or business’s foundation will begin to settle, causing small cracks in your concrete that can jeopardize the safety of your property. At Lovell Basement Solutions in Collinsville, IL, we offer reliable and affordable foundation repair services to keep you and your family protected for decades to come. Using only the highest-rated technology on the market, our technicians will seal your foundation cracks to prevent any further damage from occurring while offering anchors or other support systems for added stability.

Contact Lovell Basement Solutions for quality foundation repair and receive a free estimate and lifetime warranty when you choose us as your contractor.

crumbling cracked home concrete foundation - Collinsville, IL
bowing basement wall with window, repaired with steel beam supports holding the wall up and in place - Collinsville, IL

Bowing Wall Repairs for your Basement

Have you noticed the walls in your basement have become slightly curved or are starting to lean? While this is not generally common for modern construction builds, it can happen if your property has increased its floor load, is under heavy vibration from nearby traffic, or if water has built up behind your walls. With either of these increased pressures, the walls of your home will begin to bow and eventually collapse if not taken care of immediately.  Our technicians have decades of combined training and experience restoring bowing walls in the Collinsville, IL area.

Trust Lovell Basement Solutions to keep your home and business safe with our bowing wall repair services, and give us a call to schedule an initial inspection to receive a service estimate.