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Belleville, IL Waterproofing Contractor Services for Basements & Crawlspaces

Lovell Basement Solutions is one of southern Illinois’ leading waterproofing, foundation repair, and egress window contractors. It has been a continual focus of our family-owned company to offer high-quality restoration services that will keep your concrete and lower floors dry for years to come. Whether you want basement waterproofing, bowing wall repair, or the replacement of your basement windows, you can rely on our staff to provide reasonable pricing and long-term solutions for projects of all kinds. Begin securing your basement or crawlspace with our Belleville, IL experts. With our waterproofing, foundation, and window services, we provide free estimates and lifetime guarantees.

Belleville, IL Top Waterproofing Services

For several years, Lovell Basement Solutions has focused on finding the best products and techniques for basement and crawlspace waterproofing in the Midwest.

With years of combined waterproofing experience, Lovell Basement Solutions is the clear option for basement and crawlspace solutions in Belleville, IL. Whether you want to waterproof your newly finished basement or need a sump pump repair to keep your crawlspace dry, invest in long-lasting waterproofing services from our experts. All of our waterproofing services come with lifetime guarantees to give homeowners peace of mind in the event of an emergency.

Basement Waterproofing Contractor In Belleville, IL

Water damage is a common issue for properties throughout Belleville, IL and when bad weather strikes, Lovell Basement Solutions is here to make sure that your concrete flooring and foundation is protected. We offer top-of-the-line basement waterproofing services with quality products that will keep your foundation and belongings safe for decades to come. A flooded basement is more than just a homeowner's worse nightmare. If water continuously enters your basement, eventually, your flooring and even parts of your foundation will need to be replaced. We offer precise and accurate basement waterproofing services for residential and commercial properties in southern Illinois. Call today for a free estimate.

BellevilLE, IL Crawlspace Waterproofing Repair

When was the last time you thought about the safety of your crawlspace? While it may be one of the most forgotten areas of your home, it's actually one of the most common spaces that can become susceptible to water damage. In many homes throughout Belleville, IL, a crawlspace is where many of your electrical and plumbing systems are stored. These spaces give plumbers and electricians easy access to your systems when repairs are needed. Lovell Basement Solutions provide crawlspace waterproofing to protect your home and vulnerable systems. Our crawlspace sealant not only blocks water from entering the foundation of your home, but it also blocks 99% of radon - a cancerous gas lurking in the Earth. Call today for a free estimate on our waterproofing solutions.

Professional Belleville Crack & Pipe Injection

The last thing any homeowner wants to see are cracks in their basement walls or foundation. While your home’s structure may not seem affected by small, pesky cracks, if left untouched, your concrete surfaces are bound to weaken until they need to be repaired or replaced entirely. Our experienced team offers crack and pipe injection services that eliminate weak spots in your foundation while preventing water from penetrating the surface. Using a pressurized grout, our technicians inject the polyurethane substance directly into the cracks to restore the strength of your concrete surfaces. If you notice small to medium cracks forming in your home, call Lovell Basement Solutions in Belleville, IL for crack injection services.

epoxy injection to fill cracks in foundation & walls - Belleville, IL
Lovell Basement Solutions, LLC water diversion, directing water away from home & foundation - Belleville, IL

French Drains and Water Diversion Near Belleville, IL

Water diversion is an alternative waterproofing technique that many homeowners have chosen for their homes in Belleville, IL. This process, much different from true waterproofing, uses a precise drainage system, such as a French drain or drain tile, that intentionally moves the water beneath your home into a nearby drain or sump pump. True waterproofing does not allow any water to flow beneath your home, while water diversion directs the water, making it a much more affordable solution that does not involve the laying of a chemical protectant, only minor excavation work. Our expert technicians highly recommend water diversion services for your residential basements in southern Illinois.

For water diversion services at your residential or commercial property, call Lovell Basement Solutions today.

Egress Window Installation Company For Belleville, IL

When you want to upgrade your basement with brand new windows, don’t just choose any frame – invest in egress windows from Lovell Basement Solutions in Belleville, IL. Our custom egress windows provide several benefits to residential homes; from enhanced natural light and ventilation to a guaranteed escape entrance and exit in the event of an emergency, egress windows are a must-have for your basement. Our company works with name-brand manufacturers to offer a wide variety of window trims, grate covers, and other window accessories to complement your home and budget. Our egress window installation services offer lifetime warranties and can be completed in a single visit. Contact us today to learn more.

New Egress, basement window with plastic lining and strategically placed rocks and mulch - Belleville, IL
Lovell Basement Solutions, LLC installation of new Egress window in the basement - Belleville, IL

Belleville's Fast Basement Window Replacement

If your basement has original windows from well over a few decades, chances are there are seal leaks and failing safety measures that can be restored. If you notice mold, mildew, or water damage surrounding your basement windows, this is due to small gaps that have formed around the edges of your window, most likely due to faulty installation. When this happens, you’ll notice rising energy bills and even pest infestation until the problem is solved. Lovell Basement Solutions offers basement window replacement in Belleville, IL to restore the function and safety of your basement windows. These inefficiencies may cause not only physical damage to your walls and foundation but can also be hazardous during storms and emergencies. If you notice a draft coming from your basement windows or wetness on the inside frames, contact us right away for brand-new basement windows.

If you notice a draft coming from your basement windows or moisture on the inside frames, contact us today for a basement window replacement service at your Belleville, IL home.

Cracked Foundation Repair Services in Belleville, IL

Have you noticed cracks forming in your foundation? Don’t wait until your home is beyond repair, call the experts at Lovell Basement Solutions in Belleville, IL. We offer affordable and trustworthy cracked foundation repair services that prevent your property from becoming unstable. Smaller cracks, while still serious, are easily fixable, however it is important that you contact a professional immediately to ensure the cracks do not worsen over time. For cracks in the corner of your foundation, we use specialized carbon straps to hold your foundation together. These straps not only repair the issue but prevent it from happening again the future. What are you waiting for? Call Lovell Basement Solutions today for quality foundation repair services and ask about how you can receive a free estimate.

Contact Lovell Basement Solutions for quality foundation repair and receive a free estimate and lifetime warranty when you choose us as your contractor.

crumbling cracked home concrete foundation - Belleville, IL
bowing basement wall with window, repaired with steel beam supports holding the wall up and in place - Belleville, IL

Foundation & Bowing Wall Repair Company in Belleville

Bowing is the curving or leaning of a wall due to an increase in floor loads or excess water building up behind the wall. The longer your basement walls are left to bow under added pressure, the more likely it is that your property will become unsafe for your family. At Lovell Basement Solutions, our technicians have several years of combined experience restoring bowing walls and providing long-lasting support to your concrete foundation. Many of our repair projects include the use of steel beams or anchors to offer permanent stability to your walls and keep your family safe for years to come. Contact our team in Belleville, IL to inspect your bowing walls and provide immediate repairs.

Trust Lovell Basement Solutions to keep your home and business safe with our bowing wall repair services, and give us a call to schedule an initial inspection to receive a service estimate.